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"Micro Markets" are the hottest thing in vending today. Demand for this equipment is exploding, and Essex allows you to get in the game with no cash out of pocket.

Micro Market Leasing

If you are a vending operator interested in updating your equipment, but you can't afford the initial cash outlay, call Essex. The vending machine market is expected to expand dramatically into Micro Markets according to industry sources, with 35,000+ units expected in service over the next decade.

As a result of greater demand for health food and organic products, many vending companies are now focusing on healthier options. New health food vending machines now come with LCD screens with streaming video graphics and credit card options. They are also more energy efficient than traditional vending machines.

Essex specializes in vending machine financing. We offer flexible leasing options for buying or upgrading your existing vending machines.

Advantages of our Micro Market leasing program:

100% financing.

  • One page application-only up to $100,000.

Conserve cash for working capital.

Expand faster with existing offerings and/or new locations.