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Offering Leasing is a strategic sales advantage for your company.

Businesses are increasingly turning to flexible long-term financing for capital expenditures without dipping into their working capital cash reserves. If you aren't offering financing upfront to your client and someone else is, you are losing a potential competitive advantage. Plus, the entire payment is tax deductible for the customer and we offer flexible payment terms (3 years, 4 years, or 5 years) to match client cash flow.

Our proprietary financing program will help you:

  • ✓ Sell more office furniture
  • ✓ Speed up the sales process
  • ✓ Expand your potential customer base
  • ✓ Provide an easy payment solution
  • ✓ Eliminate client credit risk

Benefits of working with Essex Funding:

  • ✓ One stop financing solution
  • ✓ Salesperson's time is freed up
  • ✓ One page application
  • ✓ Competitive financing costs
  • ✓ 48 hour funding decision
  • ✓ Prefunding deposit money to you
  • ✓ Senior management level attention on every application
  • ✓ Clients eligible in the U.S. and Canada

Get started today! Just an email or phone call will get the process started.